The calorimetric instrument
The calScreener™ label-free assay directly monitors the metabolic response in biological systems using bioactivity monitoring. We have developed the first isothermal microcalorimetry instrument designed for cell-biology. High precision cell metabolism monitoring based on a well established scientific methodology.


The calScreener™ can be used to study the net effect of all cellular parameters at once and in the correct context, regardless of sample composition and morphology. The calScreener™ is a true phenotype (functional) assay as compared to most other technologies that use parameter based (genotype) testing.



48-well plate with titanium cups

The design of the calPlate™ provides fast sample loading of multiple samples combined with high sensitivity measurements of small sample volumes. Standard assay volumes are 100 to 300 micro-litres allowing efficient use of assay chemicals and a cost effective solution.


The advanced modular design of the system is developed to suit both the needs of cell growth as well as the requirements of calorimetric measurement. The 48 well format allows the simultaneous measurement of 32 cell-samples as 2 x 8 positions are used as a calorimetric references for increased sensitivity and performance.


Every instrument comes with a calPlate set



48-well plate with plastic inserts

calWell™ has been designed to provide ease-of-use and compatibility with standard cell culture procedures. Cell cultures in 2D & 3D can be used as well as prokaryotic cell systems both with liquid and solid media.


We provide two different types plastic systems optimized for tissue culture of either adherent cells or non-adherent cells. The high quality plastic ware increases control of experiments with superior optical characteristics for microscopy and other post-experimental analyses.



Collection and analysis software

The calView™ data collection and analysis software is developed to aid both the novel and the expert user with a user-friendly graphical interface. It allows the user to assign real-time data for each test well and view the progress of  all test graphs simultaneously as well as close-up view of individual test graphs.

The software is designed for full control of experiments with built-in analysis and reporting functionality for several applications and ease of data traceability.


Every instrument comes with a laptop with a calView™ installation running on Windows 10