Through the principle of isothermal microcalorimetry, the calScreener™ provides a direct and continuous measurement of the metabolic rate of living cells through a real-time heat flow profile.

How does it work?


The calScreener™ holds a 48- well calPlate  with medical-grade titanium cups. Each sample is loaded in a sterile biology-grade plastic insert, available with different surface treatments based on the cell-type cultured. 

The cups are then sealed, creating individual incubation systems.


The calPlate containing the individual sealed cups is placed in the calScreener’s thermostated chamber, which is set at the target temperature.


The cups rest upon a heat-flux detecting sensor, which measures the heat flow in each sample, with an interval of 1 measurement/sec.


All heat produced is transferred to the heat-sink that is attached to the sensor, giving rise to a signal proportional to the heat-flow.


The samples are inclubated as long as needed, and the metabolic activity is monitored in real-time by using the calView software.

The instrument was designed considering feasible uses in applied biology, especially in pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories and in environmental work. However, it can be employed as a general monitor of slow processes in different fields of biology and for non-biological systems, including accurate determination of their thermal powers (heat production rates).
Interested in learning more about isothermal microcalorimetry?


Check the publication by Wadsö I. et al for a thorough technical explanation of the calScreener™ technology.

Key Advantages

New way of looking at your samples

Direct metabolic assays with isothermal calorimetry stand out from reductionistic biochemical assays by overcoming the limitations of parameter based analyses with unique characteristics.


The measured heat is independent of the model system or the process involved. This makes the calScreener™ a label free, real-time, detection system applicable to a wide range of biological applications.

Optimized for biology

The calScreener™ is the calorimetry instrument for the biologist by increasing throughput, minimizing sample size yet increasing sensitivity, optimized sterile plastic growth inserts for ease-of-use and user-friendly software with customized analysis.